About Us

Our firm

Joseph Lopez LLP is an established full-service law firm in Singapore, providing a comprehensive range of legal services to a host of premier clients, both local and international. With our specialised legal expertise, we represent clients from niche industries such as shipping, engineering, commodities trading, education, oil and gas and construction. Our client profile comprises Singapore and multinational companies, government bodies, blue-chip corporations and high net-worth individuals.

Our history

Founded in 2001 by Joseph Lopez, Joseph Lopez LLP started its roots as Joseph Lopez & Co, a sole proprietorship. In 2013, Joseph Lopez went into partnership with other lawyers and refocused the business on niche areas, growing the firm and subsequently converting to Joseph Lopez LLP. Today, Joseph Lopez LLP is an international commercial law firm with a strong team of legal professionals and a growing network of associates in countries worldwide.

Our expertise

With about 40 combined years of expertise in the legal field, our Partners are widely recognised as leading legal experts. Having strong legal backgrounds in oil and gas, building and construction, commodities, corporate transactions, negotiation, shipping and maritime and risk management, our partners have a track record of numerous challenging, complex and significant deals.

Our expertise is not just limited to the legal field. With an understanding that business encompasses a good mix of business sense, commercial reality and law, our team has both commercial knowledge and a firm grasp of the commercial context in which businesses operate, to provide you with sound legal, commercial and strategic solutions.

Further strengthening the knowledge and expertise of our team is our continuous investment in intensive ongoing education. With the ever-evolving nature of the law, we invest heavily in up-to-date resources, reports and research to keep abreast of the latest changes.

Our values

At Joseph Lopez LLP, we offer more than just legal advice – we immerse ourselves in each of our client’s business, working from within to achieve a firm grasp of their needs, objectives and expectations.

Being well-versed in the workings of various industries and demonstrating fluency in the intricacies of our clients’ respective businesses give us an edge in commercial and corporate transactions and deal negotiations as well as negotiations in the arbitration and litigation arena, enabling us to work more effectively within their industries to deliver winning results.

We believe in working to a strong credo of integrity as we seek to protect our clients’ interests. Guided by this principle, we strive to make a difference for each client and to ensure that every interaction is based on ethics and honesty. This has gone a long way in helping us forge a strong bond of trust and cultivate long-term relationships with our clients.

We provide our clients with personalised, one-on-one attention. In doing so, we ensure that each of our lawyers have full and complete knowledge of the cases they are assigned to. This means the most effective solutions at lower costs and faster turnaround time with no compromise on the quality of our legal services.

With the majority of our clients based abroad, we provide multilingual services to cater to our international clientele. Our proficiency in the various Asian languages, coupled with language support from our extensive network of global associates, makes us well placed to serve the needs of our clients, both local and international.